AKG K 702 Open Back DynaMic Headphones w/ Focusrite VRM Box USB


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The AKG K 702 Open Back Dynamic Headphones w/ Focusrite VRM Box USB bundle includes the renown AKG 702 open back reference headphones that ensures precision placement of every element in your mix every time. The feature over-ear design, open technology for spaciousness, varimotion two-layer diaphragm design for better frequency range and the most comfortable 3-D foam ear pads and adjustable leather headband for optimized comfort and extended use. Also included is the Focusrite VRM box which provides you with a collection of room and monitor type sources that is portable and accurate, allowing for the best audio playback anywhere at any time. Buy this great bundle today from UniqueSquared.com and save big time while enhancing your tools for better recordings, mixes and masters!