AKG, an Austrian company, has established an international reputation for superior microphones and headsets with 60 years of engineering and sound know-how. Since it’s inception in 1947, AKG’s role has expanded beyond the music studio and performance stage to newsrooms, Hollywood film sets and even outer space aboard the International Space Station. Technical innovations have driven AKG’s successes from early ventures that extended microphone frequency response into uncharted bass territories to the first dynamic cardioid mic, the D12, which drastically reduced feedback and ambient noise problems.

AKG was recently honored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with a Technical GRAMMY during the 2010 festivities. This prestigious award acknowledges AKG’s substantial contribution to the art and science of music recording and performance through unflagging innovation and excellence in their product designs. In their current line-up, the AKG D112 is the industry standard for kick drum mics. Among AKGs condenser mics, the C12, C414, C1000, C2000 and C3000 are all much revered by recording pros. In addition to their mics, AKG headphones have been standard-issue in studios for decades and their line of phones continue to improve. The K702 headphones, for example, have set a new standard for reference headsets at their price point. From studio to stage, whatever your recording or live performance needs, AKG will deliver.


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