June 15, 2012

The New and Improved Unique Blog

Hello all.

So, as you may have noticed: we’ve redecorated. Recently, it occurred to us that the people running the Mobile Studio, writing product blogs and making videos were all the same people. Yet, for whatever reason, we had had our efforts divided into being multiple channels of content. We had two YouTube channels and two blogs running while the staff being asked to keep up with it all was becoming increasingly irritable. It seems obvious now, but we realized that we were racing to keep up with ourselves and limiting our output on all these channels in the process. So about a month or so ago, we combined the YouTube channels.

Once one does something like that, it’s only a matter of time until they start saying “so what about these blogs? Hmmmm?” We said exactly that. Then we looked at the brain trust in the tech cube and asked in the most scientific way possible “Hey. Can you guys just like… uh… squish the blogs into one blog and then we can not ever talk about this again?” Turns out they totally could do that. Then they totally just did that. Here we are today, with one great big blog. Much like the pyramids, there were casualties during the construction. Also much like the pyramids, I think a donkey of mine might have gotten buried in here somewhere alongside a few of my favorite things. All of these things are acceptable losses, because not only have we made things easier for ourselves in this process, we’ve also set about making them easier for you.

Via the Home, Pro Audio, MobileStudio, and Events Tabs at the top of the page, you can sort out exactly what you want to view on the page:

Home will display everything from the most recent news to the random posts of the distant past. It includes all content from our Pro Audio blog and the Mobile Studio.

Pro Audio will display the items associated traditionally with the blog at this URL. Gear Reviews, Tips and Tricks, How Tos, and the like will all appear under this tab.

Mobile Studio (this is probably pretty obvious after the last two) will feature content gathered whenever our team is out on the road with the Mobile Studio.

Events is a page that exists solely for you to track wherever we will be headed in the coming months with the Mobile Studio, or for keeping up with any other public events we might hold, sponsor or otherwise.

In every case, from now on all our videos will also include a transcript of the content so that you can find them faster or catch anything you might have missed without scrubbing back and forth with the YouTube handle.

Again, these may seem like simple, obvious things to do to the casual observer; but our channels just kind of grew into life, got a little older, then realized they all needed each other. It’s kind of like a love story, but with more yelling. There may have also been some crying. Taylor told me to tell you he didn’t cry. (He totally cried.) In the end, what we have tried to do is give you one place to go to see what we’ve been up to; rather than having to check multiple channels to see where we are in a given week.

We’re also ramping up how much content we will put out every week. We want you to have a reason to come back every day, and we want to get more done every day. With our attention no longer divided, all videos, blogs, or whatever else will be shown here. Bookmark this page and expect all things to be here and expect something new every day. We might miss the odd weekend as we get rolling here, but we plan on being here for you seven days a week with the latest information, opinions and tutorials we can think to present.Speaking of tutorials, a lot of our new daily content will be video based, screen flow tutorials. Each will be accompanied with a written breakdown or transcript. We will start slow, taking simple steps that get glossed over in existing tutorials on other sites and making you aware more intimately of the required steps. Eventually we will be getting more and more in depth in different DAWs, VST devices, and Hardware units to show you how to get the most out of your gear.

While we’re at it: If there is some aspect of production or coverage of certain gear you’d like to see, please let us know in the comments for this post. I can’t promise we’ll hit everything right away, but we sure would like to try.

In the meantime, if you don’t see something new that immediately changes your life, come back tomorrow. Repeat as desired. We’re going to be here, every day, trying to make this your first and last stop for the latest information on new products, and the most practical advice on how to use them. Thanks for dropping by. We hope you make a point to keep doing so.