December 14, 2010

Akai Synthstation 25 Review

Have you ever wanted to take your keyboard anywhere but hated lugging around a bulky and cumbersome synth? Akai has made it easy with the Akai Synthstation 25. This 25 key synth controller allows you to hook up your iPhone or iPod directly to the keyboard to act as your brain for the Synthstation 25 controller. The keyboard itself allows you to control all of the functions within the application on your Apple device while also incorporating a pitch and mod wheel for all of your synth creation needs.

The synth buttons allow you to easily select between your different sounds and the convenience of the octave buttons make switching keys a breeze. The application is what makes this keyboard stand out among other 25 key keyboards. You can manipulate all of your sounds in the Synth Edit section, create your own beats in the Grid Edit section, or even record your pre-assembled tracks in the Song/Sequence section.

The X/Y grid allows for full control over the effects and makes everything you do with the Synthstation 25 completely original. Wether on the go, in your home studio, or jamming with your friends, the Akai Synthstation 25 is worth more than its weight in gold. Once you download the app to your iPhone/iPod you can start laying down a wide range of grooves with ease.

With the success of the Synthstation app for the iPad and all of the media we are seeing on youtube and other video channels, we here at Unique Squared are looking forward to the Winter NAMM where we hope that Akai will be presenting the Akai Synthsation 49 with the iPad! If they do we will have a full review live from Winter NAMM 2011.

Here’s looking at you Akai…


Hi this is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip and I’m here with to show you my iPhone. Actually, with the newly released Akai Synthstation 25 this allows me to change my iPhone into a full production studio. Anyway, this has a built in dock that makes it really easy to just put my iPhone in. And it’s a small lightweight design which makes it really portable. I can make my music or share my music anytime anywhere, super exciting. So you’re going to need to get the Akai Synthstation app exclusively at the Apple app store. And once you do that, get it up and running with this and we are ready to go. First of all we’ve got your pitch and mod wheels here. Then you’ve got your choice of fifty drums and three synths selector right here. Octave up and down for the 25 note keys, and also the program selector right here.
This does come with the headphone out and your two RCA outs, and the volume control is right here. Now this does have a MIDI USB port and it does act as a stand alone controller outside of using the Akai professional application as well. This is powered by batteries, it has an optional 9 volt DC. So you can be really portable with it or if you need it powered up you can plug it in as well. So let’s have a look and see it in action. Get different drums going on here, program select allows me to do that. A lot of drums to choose from there. Alright so I’m going to go ahead and select a sequence. I can save that here or I can start a new one there. Then go to the performance mode because I just want to play a little bit. Now arpeggio. Alright let’s go back to the performance and add a bassline. Just like that you are playing a sequence and just making it crazy.
Alright Synthstation 25 by Akai professional real lovely piece here. You know, I’ve used the application on its own before but trust me when I say that it’s really night and day when using the controller. I really dig the functionality of it, being able to select my tracks, and just having the control over the pitch and mod, all that jazz. Really portable, makes it really easy. Thanks so much for keeping connected with us and don’t forget, facebook, twitter, and especially on the blog. I’m Scott Magno DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, at