June 28, 2012

Unique Squared Podcast Premier

As we were writing blogs, making videos, and generally keeping you guys up to date on Pro Audio and Mobile Studio news, we realized that there were a lot of things left out of our content. For that reason, we decided the best way to recap all the goings on in the world of gear, music, and UniqueSquared, was to record a podcast. Lonely Paul and Taylor are going to huddle around their microphones every week to give you all this information, their opinions, and even a chance for listeners to comment leading up to that weeks show which they will read and respond to. Here is a run down of some general topics they will cover from week to week.  Be sure to subscribe on iTunes here 


This is a chance to give you guys all the lastest tour and event information as it relates to the Mobile Studio, as well as some things you wont be able to find anywhere else. This includes recaps of events, exclusive interviews, and sample recordings from the artists we have worked with on the Mobile Studio.


This is a chance for you guys to hear about the latest deals on products, whats coming out on the blog, or the YouTube channel. We also have great news about the company that doesn’t always have a platform so the podcast will cover these things in depth.


With all the great new things coming out, some things get lost by the wayside. We want to take time to keep you guys up to speed on what the latest gear is, what others are saying about it, and what we think about it. This will include everything from hardware to software and from microphones to DJ controllers. Nothing is safe but everything is welcome in the forum of discussion. Generally this will include the latest gear but often times Lonely Paul and Taylor will bring up gear they think needs a revisit.


While we will not be able to cover everything new in music and frankly there are too many resources out there for us to compete. Instead we will cover topics that you may not be aware of or things to get you talking about the state of music from an industry, performance, and cultural perspective. This will of course be opinionated because we want you the listener to form your own opinions in relation or opposition to our own. Our goal is to get you thinking, talking, and sometimes scratching your head in bewilderment.


In this podcast we covered a lot of Mobile Studio events up to this point. Lonely Paul and Taylor discussed SXSW, WMC, Ultra, and Massive Dance Week in Las Vegas. They discussed some of the new things with the company like blog formats, Live Chat, and future YouTube releases. They chat about some of the new products from Native Instruments like the Kontrol F1 as well as the special deals that NI are running. The two also have a conversation about downloading and pirating music. They reference an article written by an NPR blogger, the retort from UGA economics professor and Cracker frontman Dave Lowery, and the response to Lowery’s blog from Huffington Post contributor Travis Morrison. They close with a discussion on dubstep/metal collaborations, where it came from, and their opinion on the future of both genres.

The podcast will have exclusive content that you wont be able to find anywhere else. We will be doing these weekly so make sure to subscribe to it on iTunes or check it out on our Soundcloud.


  1. DeeJLoco says:

    haha…. i love it

  2. Christopher Merritt says:

    Two wise men. This podcast is great. Keep up the great work.

    1. LonelyPaul says:

      Ha. Maybe not wise- but definitely weary. At any rate- we’ll have another one out this week- and we are bringing in Jeremy Herring, the master of many things that run Our Glorious Web Empire. He should be good for saying things like “Hey, Paul, stop talking in circles and let’s move to the next thing.”

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