July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Greetings from Milwaukee!

With today being the Fourth of July, we decided it was our patriotic duty to not publish anything particularly exciting or new today. It seems like it would be wrong to discourage you from getting out in the yard and fighting with family and friends over the best way to cook all manner of things over a fire. You and I both know your uncle’s theory about injecting everything with cheese has to be pursued and is going to require steady hands.

Meanwhile, we are in Milwaukee with the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio working hard to bring you all kinds of content thanks to our friends at Sennheiser. We also got to tag along with our friend Kyle Neary and hang out backstage last night during Steve Aoki’s performance. At one point, we weren’t quite sure where we were supposed to head for that show, but then we saw all the girls go by in the strange furry stripper boots. The rule of thumb here is: follow the stripper boots, find the dance beat. It’s working so far, but it is only a matter of time until it ends me up in a seedy part of town at a place claiming to be a gentleman’s club on the same sign that boasts ¬†questionable hot wing buffet. Until that day, we follow the boots.

Otherwise, we’re just plugging along this week. We are recording performances with a couple of bands each day here at Summerfest and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

If you can’t stand the heat, however; who are we to stop you from hanging out and catching up on any of the posts you might have missed in the past week. Here’s a couple of things we’ve popped up recently that you should check out if you missed them:

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And that’s just the past week. There’s been a lot more content and there’s a lot more to come. So, if you are taking a minute to beat the heat and want to peruse, get caught up, and nerd out; be our guest. Then come back tomorrow and stay up to speed. We’ve got loads of stuff in the pipe, and there’s no sign of stopping. See you tomorrow! Have a great holiday!

If you’re one of our overseas followers and aren’t celebrating the Fourth, sorry for the downtime! I still encourage you to grill the bejeezus out of something today, because… well… why not?