August 2, 2012

Cakewalk Release Z3TA +2.1 Synth for Mac


Since the Z3TA (zay’-ta) +1 synth was released in August 2011, it has been something of an enviable commodity that Mac users could only read about and wonder if it was worth getting a PC partition erected for playing with. Well loved as it was, I always found myself looking at it and thinking “by the time I get everything I need over to the other side of the wall, this thing had better be magical.” Having found leaving my home base to make music in the past not ideal for my process, I always abandoned this and went back to playing with the multitude of toys already at my disposal.

Now it looks like I might have to think my way through whether or not to buy this thing one more time. Cakewalk, with version “+2.1,” are making their well loved plug in available on Mac in VST 3 and AU formats sometime early this month. I can’t help but wonder if this hints at Sonar eventually coming over to the Apple side of the universe, but either way, it’s great news for those who had been worrying about whether or not they were missing out. Hear the sounds here.

If you’ve already been living with and loving the Z3TA, the “+2.1″ upgrade gets you a host of new features, including:

  • Preset Search Button- Clicking a simple magnifying glass icon opens a quick search to tame that unwieldy world of presets.
  •  Scala Tuning- The Z3TA +2.1 supports Scala tuning files and ships with the latest library.
  • Format- The Z3TA now supports 12, 24 and 32 bit wave files.
  • Lowered CPU and Memory Usage- Despite all the new features, the plugin is now using fewer resources than previous versions.
  • Ribbon Controller Enhancements- The ribbon controller now lights and remains lit when active, as well as allowing for up to 8 latched notes via the right click latching function.
  • Drag and Drop Arpeggiator Editing- Arpeggiator patterns can now be dragged and dropped from the onboard graph to your DAW for meticulous editing.

Between interface updates, a new preset library and a dedicated following already in place, it seems like the Z3TA is putting its best foot forward to Mac users with “+2.1,” so it’s probably a great time to check it out. Perhaps not the eagerly awaited crossover that will be FL Studio arriving on the platform, but certainly a welcome addition. Who knows? Maybe the Z3TA could see life as a Rack Extension before it’s all over?

What other plugins/packages would you like to see come over from a PC only status and join your favorite Apple based music software?