August 2, 2012

It’s TOTALLY About the Money offer a breakdown of the current heavy hitters in the financial end of DJing

Or, I’d at least think that’s a worthwhile hypothesis. Given the fact that DJs seem to be making pretty decent money these days. Why shouldn’t they? The overhead is low, the crews are smaller, the bus and van are rarely necessary, and DJs can literally just fly between residencies and hub cities once they hit a certain level. The proposition of making money playing other people’s music or your own pre-recorded performance arrangements is more appealing for electronic artists than ever. A lot of folks who might have braced defensively waiting to hear requests for Freebird or a drum solo, are now more than comfortable that they will play back tracks, make small adjustments, and be greeted by an enthusiastic crowd waving some kind of glowing party accessory back at them enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, if that’s not enough for you to think the business is turning a notable profit, take note of the fact that is running some of the content bouncing across everyone’s Facebook feeds today. From breaking down the highest paid DJs in a piece called “Electronic Cash Kings,” to outright asking Skrillex what the largest payment he’s ever received for a single performance was in “The 15 Million Dollar DJ,” Forbes are doing as much as anyone to dispel any notions that the cash being shifted around isn’t being noticed.

Maybe it’s this market awareness, or inspired by Deadmau5′s controversial post from a few weeks ago, that also inspired them to encourage their market savvy readership to jump in with “How Hard is DJing? Count to Four.” ¬†Who can tell? this isn’t to say Forbes have never had their finger on the cultural pulse, money moves and people move it. Follow the money, find the trend, blah blah blah. However, I couldn’t help but think it was an interesting thing to see what appears to be DJ day over at their site.

All I can really say is this: If you were mad at Deadmau5 for his button pusher remarks, think how he feels to only just be squeaking out ahead of DJ Pauly D. That’s just messed up. Next up: Kim Kardashian on the 1′s and 2′s.