August 16, 2012

A Kickstarter Worth Watching: The Molecule Synth

Travis Feldman wants to give you total control of your synth experience. That’s why he has designed the Molecule Synth. Designed by Travis to get away from “‘black box’ pre-fab technologies that makes us all passive ‘consumers’ using someone else’s designs,” the Molecule Synth is meant to be completely open ended with endless hacking and modifying possibilities.

Travis says the device is pitch accurate, and it is also ready to receive MIDI input from traditional controllers. However, physical controllers are available for developing unique sounds within the Molecule system itself. Boasting a color coded design, one theoretically shouldn’t have to read the included manual to get started with it, and apparently in tests even children have had a great time with existing prototypes.

As stated in the title, this is a Kickstarter project, meaning this device is a product that still may not be; unless folks like yourself kick in a little dough. On the other hand, I’ve been watching the money add up just as I write about it, going from $7,900 to $8,322 while I typed the above paragraphs. They’ve got til Sunday September 9th to raise their total. At this rate we might be looking at something that comes to life in Keith McMillen QuNeo proportions. We’ll see.

My suggestion, looking at the donation options is that you either go $40.oo or $300.00. Below $40.00 just gets you recognized in the funding list. $40.00 at least gets you the t-shirt. Everything between $40.00 and $300.00 just gets you really expensive versions of the same  t-shirts. Right at $300.00 you get a nine piece “Complete Isomer Molecule Synth Set” which looks to be hours of fun. The estimated delivery is in November of this year.

The Molecule Synth is on the “Projects We Love” list on Kickstarter at the moment, so things are looking good for Travis. With a little luck, and maybe some interest from you, there will be all manner of homespun synth action under the Christmas tree for some lucky tweakers this year. For all those who do not celebrate Christmas, don’t let this stop you from doing some quality holiday tweaking.

Head over to to contribute to the cause.