August 17, 2012

Summerfest Sessions: Cherri Bomb

Cherri Bomb rock band

Los Angeles based band Cherri Bomb are an all female, 4 member rock band. Formed in 2008 by singer Julia Pierce. They have gone from garage rehearsals to some of the biggest stages in the world and opening for acts such as Filter, Foo Fighters, and The Smashing Pumpkins all within 4 years after forming. Managed by drummer Samantha Maloney , you wouldn’t guess the members of Cherri Bomb are just teenagers from hearing them. The oldest member of Cherri Bomb is 16 years old. At such a young age, these ladies have a knack for performance and composition that would make the majority of us seasoned musicians put down our instruments in deference to the next generation.

One of the great things about Cherri Bomb is that they are in it for the right reasons. It’s clear they want to be the next big band but they are in touch with their sense of humor and very humble when it comes to complimenting their skill level at a young age. For these girls the soul of their performance comes from having fun which is what music should always be about. I have a funny feeling that even when these young rockers grow up, they will still stay young at heart.

For the session we used the Sennhesier e935 Cardioid Consensor Microphones for the vocals and the e914′s for the acoustic guitars. All of the microphones were running into the Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 FireWire interface and live sound mixer. The StudioLive was then routed to Pro Tools 10 via a single FireWire cable. Within Pro Tools 10 we used their extensive sets of plug ins but generally stuck to their phenomenal reverb plug ins to bring out the sounds of the acoustic guitar and vocals.

After the session, Cherri Bomb sat down with us to talk about everything from recording their debut album, what they value when it comes to music, and their opinions of the gear we had on board.

Rena: We’re Cherri Bomb and we’re all from LA.

Miranda: I’m Miranda I’m the blonde one

Nia: I’m Nia.  I’m 15.

Julia: I’m Julia that’s all you need to know about me.

Rena: I’m Rena.

So what brings you guys to Milwaukee

Julia: Well an airplane [laughs].

Miranda: Well actually this was our first time playing Summerfest which is why we’re in
Milwaukee and it’s been amazing.

Nia: The crowd was crazy and we got to meet them afterwards and they were awesome.

How’d the show go?

Miranda: I think that it went really well, it was funny because the SPD the thing that controls the click and everything it stopped working during one of the our songs so our drum tech hopped up and
played a song with us actually, but it was really cool.

Nia: It was super on the fly.

Julia: And the crowd was so fun and they were really cool.

How long have you guys been a band?

All: Four years.

Miranda: When we were in diapers we decided we wanted to be in a band.

Nia: We are not four years old. Do we look four years old? [laughs]

Miranda: Well we act four years old.

Julia: That’s true. What’s the difference? [laughs]

Nia: Yeah, young at heart.

Describe to me the sound of the band.

Rena: It’s like Foo Fighters meets Paramore, meets Muse, meets My Chemical Romance, all in a
blender mushed up to make a Cherri Bomb smoothie.

Julia: So if you like those bands, you’ll dig us.

Cherri Bomb has a record out. Talk to me about the record.

Miranda: We do! Well May 15 our first album came out and it’s called This is the End of Control, and we
recorded it for two or three months. It was a really fun process and it felt like one really long day but it was amazing.

Nia: it was so much fun, and that’s all i’m going to say about it. [laughs]

Talk to me about the recording experience.

Nia: It was our first time recording in that studio with Red Decibel and the producers were great. We were always
writing songs and there was always this creative energy going. It was always such a blast.

Miranda: we were always recording or writing.

Julia: It was always spontaneous, and productive which was pretty cool.

What did you you guys think of recording on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio?

Nia: Well this was super fun too we loved this. When you’re doing it live like this, it’s a cool connection. It’s one take you can kind of vamp off of it and do crazy stuff, and in a recording you have set things to do. I mean you can still vamp and every thing but that’s it.

Miranda: Plus when you record you can change things around and take it as many times as you need but when you’re performing or doing an acoustic thing you have one shot and it’s got to be good.

Do you ever get nervous recording in a single take?

All: No

Julia: No we’re not nervous, we never get nervous.

You must get that kind of response. People getting blown away with how young you are?

Julia: Aww you’re flattering us!

Rena: We try to have more fun than try to focus on oh i’ve got to get this perfect and i have to do everything right, because if you turn it into something positive you’ll end up doing it right and have fun anyway

Nia: It’s got more soul when you’re having fun.

So what do you all think of the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio?

Nia: I’m so jealous of your bus!

Miranda: I want a sliding glass door in my bus. How cool would it be to have a whole recording thing in the back of the bus?

Rena: You guys have the most perfect vocal booth!

Julia: It’s a perfect vocal booth.

Nia: I love the color of the sound proofing.

Miranda: We get excited about these things.

Nia: I mean we came in and it just went on forever.

Julia: And the lights i just have to say the atmosphere is so cool.

Rena: I might kick everybody out and just take the bus.

Nia: Don’t trust her, don’t do it.

Miranda: We should name this bus?

Nia: Not now.

Miranda: Ok later.

What did you think of the Taylor guitars?

Julia: It was great, they were awesome they sound really crisp and clear.

Miranda: I really liked the guitar. It felt nice to play and was really comfortable.

So have you guys used Sennheiser microphones before? In recordings or on stage?

Miranda: No we haven’t but we just did, yeah we can’t say that anymore.

Nia: Rena how did it sound, in your little ears?

Rena: I thought it sounded really good.  The mix was great.

Miranda: We use their in ear monitors.

Nia: Rena said the headphones sounded great.  I took a little peak with my ears.

You all sing, you usually sing too Nia even though you weren’t miked up for this recording?

Nia: I Scream in the background. [laughs] Yeah I do sing.

What do you value in a microphone?

Rena: Being able to hear yourself and hear where you’re singing in your voice so that you sing correctly.

Miranda: It’s got to carry not just to yourself but to the crowd, and it needs to be kind of malleable so if you need a certain sound it can give you that sound.

Nia: I really like hearing breathing. I like listening to the recording and being able to hear the person breathing, I just think that’s really raw.

What do you look for with miking amps?

Miranda: It’s gotta be really clear because when you’re miking up an amp because if you get the perfect sound on your amp and then the mic sucks it’s totally defeats the purpose.

Rena: And I’m going to say something really obvious, you have to hear it otherwise or it just doesn’t work.

Julia: It’s a total buzz kill.

What’s next for Cherri Bomb?

Nia: Warped Tour!

Miranda: And then we’re taking over the world. No big deal.

To find out more about Cherri Bomb visit their website,