August 20, 2012

Identity Festival 2012: Stephan Jacobs

While the Mobile Studio was touring the East Coast with Identity Festival, our team had the pleasure of meeting Stephan Jacobs, a music producer from LA. Not only did we get to jump up on stage with cameras and film some of his live set (which was fantastic), but we also got Stephan to come onto the Mobile Studio and tell us a little bit about himself. He shared some of the big things he has coming up like his tour with Pretty Lights.  Be on the lookout for Stephan Jacobs. If he is coming to a town near you, we highly recommend that you catch his show because we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check out the original track that Stephan Jacobs recorded on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio, in between his sets at the Identity Festival.

Stephan Jacobs and the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio: a perfect match!


Full Interview:

Can you introduce yourself please?

My name is Stephan Jacobs. I’m a music producer based out of Los Angeles, California. We are at Identity Festival in Mansfield Massachusetts, here on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio.

Tell me what your sound is like?

I think my sound falls into a sort of westcoast melodic, bangin’, sexy dubstep esque, kind of electronic music, you know, talking bassline, and chopped up vocals and you know tuned and chopped and wobbled and flexed to the fullest.

What kind of stuff inspires you to write?

Life [laughs]. Jamming with my friends in my living room, listening to music, and coming to these festivals. I’m getting a lot of inspiration everyday when I’m playing these shows right now on this tour because the shows that I’ve been playing for years have been more in the underground scene more like, LA, West Coast, San Diego, San Francisco, Reno, Austin, Dal-er, yeah Denver. Now coming up and seeing all of these other acts and what they’re doing to really get the crowd going, I feel like I want to incorporate a little more of that into my own music. Keep the sound that I have at the same time and try to find that happy medium.

What kind of gear do you use live?

Live I use a mixture of a couple things. I use a Livid Ohm 64.  I use a Lemur, and I have  my melodies that I play and an Akai MPK Mini and I use that to route my vocoder through Ableton and then that’s controlling the operator in Ableton which is controlling the vocoder, and I’ll play it live and it’s all going through Ableton.

What kind of stuff do you use in the studios?

At home I have a bunch of stuff. I have my MIDI keyboards and M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, the full one with the weighted keys. I have some Korg gear Electribes, I just got rid of a Micro Korg. I use KRK studio monitors. I have a big monitor that I do stuff on, primarily off of just my MacBook Pro and it just feeds all of that. Then I have those other things that I use from my live set in my studio as well when I’m programming my live set more or less.

What’s one piece of gear that you just cannot live, or work without?

That’s a good question. I think it would probably be studio monitors or having a good set of speakers that you can reference from. I felt like years ago when I finally got studio monitors it made me be able to reference my own music better rather than laptop speakers or home stereo. Yeah I would say that and a MIDI keyboard as well because you have to play and you don’t always need all the knobs. It’s about playing melodies.

Tell me about the Akai gear you use.

I used to have an MPC40, I got the Livid now but the MPK 25 I love because it’s super awesome on the road. I take it on the road with me for doing vocoding and stuff live but when I’m whipping out my computer in a hotel room or on the bus or whatever I just use that and it’s the easiest, littlest thing to use and I can totally get it. It’s better than playing like the buttons, the letters on the keyboard, it’s a pain in the ass. I had the two pieces and then I just got the one instead because I was like, I don’t need to take up two USB ports. One is fine.

How we can find out more about Stephan Jacobs?

You can go to my website. But all my music is online, I’m hoping it’s on torrent sites and everywhere it can possibly be because I’m all about it just getting out, you know. I want my shows to pop off more than selling music. I just want people to have it.

I have a new album coming out in the Fall. Self titled, doing a full length, and just getting it together right now. Then I’m doing Identity Festival right now and then after this I go on tour with Pretty Lights, so I’m excited about that.

Sounds like a great tour.

Yeah I’m stoked man. Derrick’s a really nice guy. I met him a couple times now and he’s been really nice. He put one of my tracks on his mixtapes and then I was like, woah, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know and then it was told to me, and then my agent called me a month ago and was like, yo, Pretty Lights wants you to tour for a couple dates. Yeah ok, I love his music so, you know, big fan. Getting to play with him will be really awesome.

To find out more about Stephan Jacobs, head on over to his website:

To find the Akai MPK Mini that Stephan uses live and for his mobile studio setup, check out our website:  HERE.