August 23, 2012

The UniqueSquared Forum is Here.

ipad 2 prize

Here at UniqueSquared we love writing blogs and answering questions for you guys on all the new gear we get in.  Recently we decided that we needed a place for more in depth discussions on Pro Audio and the best place to do this is at the UniqueSquared Forum    Now you can have your conversations and questions in one informative, helpful, creative community.

We promote the tools and topics that exist in all spheres of the Pro Audio world.  Whether you need to learn about mappings for your DJ Controllers, to selecting the right Monitors for your studio, or finding the best Digital Audio Workstations, if it’s about Pro Audio then it gets discussed on our forum.

UniqueSquared Forum Giveaway

When you join the UniqueSquared Pro Audio Forum you will be a part of one of the most dynamic forums on the internet.  Our networked team of producers and DJ’s have been building their skills for over twenty years.  All skill levels are welcome, so join today.

When you sign up and start posting you will be automatically registered to win a new Apple iPad 2, free tuners, and headphones.  Be sure to check out our full list of rules and prizes HERE.  We look forward to growing our Pro Audio community with you.  Check out what PRWeb had to say about our forum.

We would like to congratulate today’s prize winner Adrian Cardona who was selected to win a GoGo Chromatic Tuner.  Be sure to sign up today and get involved for your chance to win.