August 23, 2012

Identity Festival 2012: Le Castle Vania

Atlanta native and world touring DJ/Producer Le Castle Vania is a force to be reckoned with. Hitting the underground rave scene in Atlanta as a teenager, Le Castle Vania has spawned one of the biggest local followings in the city and has won the thumping heart beats of hundreds of thousands of ravers and electro music aficionados. In addition his music has taken on a life of its own which has required him to set up shop in his Los Angeles studio when he is not playing packed houses. Le Castle Vania is always making music and is a skilled engineer, producer, and songwriter if you didn’t already know. Taking influences from heavy, gritty, and hard sounds, Le Castle Vania lit up stages all across the U.S. this year on the Identity Festival Tour, and we were there to catch it all.

Le Castle Vania rocking the crowd at Identity Festival

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MR650TV produced this video for us which highlights Le Castle Vania’s best moments from the stops hit by the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio (Mansfield, Wantagh, Philadelphia, and Atlanta), as well as a preview of our full interview which is coming soon.

video editor MR650TV

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What was your favorite moment on the Identity Festival? What do you want to know from EDM artists when it comes to their production techniques, performance gear, or studio hardware/software?