August 30, 2012

PPG Wavegenerator For iPad

Does nostalgia have you longing to bring the sounds of the Waldorf PPG Wave 2.v to your iPad? While that might be a little odd to some, it looks like that wish is coming true!!!

Wolfgang Palm has finally submitted its PPG Wavegenerator app to the Apple store.  The goal of Wavegenerator 2.0 was to reproduce the analog features of the original Wave 2.3 midi keyboard.  The app features visual wave form adjustments alongside a host of pitch controls. Those who aren’t familiar with the tones of the original may not see what’s to love in a PPG emulation. However, those who loved it then seem eager to have it back now. Emulations used with a good sampler can amount to some exciting, retro creativity. The PPG Wavegenerator seems eager to please anyone who is looking for a little vintage sampling material.


Here what the creator had to say about his new App for the iPad.

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