August 27, 2012

Enferno Live at DJ Expo 2012 Part 2

DJ Enferno |Live

The 2012 DJ Expo saw Enferno lighting up the stage with his live remixes.

Here’s the second part of Enferno’s live remix set performed at DJ Expo in Atlantic City. If you didn’t catch the first part, we strongly recommend that you check it out, and listen carefully to the audio quality while you’re at it. The audio for the entire set – parts one, two, three, and four – were all recorded with the internal microphone of a Zoom H4N.


We made sure the H4N’s recording levels were appropriate and set it on the table right next to Enferno’s monitor so we’d get an even mix. We think it sounds pretty darn good. If you’re a DJ that wants to record a set or a filmmaker that wants to record a live act, we think that H4N is a surprisingly good solution with the right placement and recording volume. Enjoy part two of Enferno’s live set. Be on the lookout for parts three and four as well.

portable recorder

A great tool for capturing audio for your video shoots or live shows.


To learn more about Enferno, check out his website.

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