August 31, 2012

Denon DJ MC2000 Released: Best Beginner Controller Yet?

Denon has just introduced another all-in-one DJ controller for entry level DJs. The DJ-MC2000 controller is instantly recognizable by its shape and similarity to other top end controllers in its field. However, this one is supposedly touted for its simplistic hardware and software. The jogwheels are of good quality, and the hardware layout mimics Serato Scratch Live’s software layout – something Denon has done in the past as well. It lacks useable features like a gain controls for each channel and a VU meter but is overall easy to use.

Anyone looking for their first DJ controller has got to check out the Denon DJ-MC2000


This new controller will be a big hit for those who are looking to plug in and play.  If you don’t want to fool with mappings or difficult software set up this controller is for you.  The biggest competition for this controller is surely the Mixtrack Pro and you will pay a little more for the Denon DJ MC2000 but wouldn’t you rather pay a little more and save yourself the hassle of a difficult trouble shooting setup?  I think most people will agree to go with the Denon DJ MC2000.


Check out the promo video below to get a rundown of all the features.