August 31, 2012

Review & Video: Numark Mixdeck Quad

Numark’s Mixdeck Quad hopes to fill the need for the 4-channel midi controller market.  This rather solid unit provides a multitude of input/output options and two jog wheels that are built as strong as their top competitors.  This time, it comes with Serato’s new DJ Intro software and supports other popular DVS software along with newly added iOS apps.

If you're looking for a controller with loads of inputs and outputs check out the Mixdeck Quad.

For those who may have started out DJing on the Mixtrack Pro the Mixdeck Quad could be the next in your controller progression.  There are not a lot of controllers that fill the niche that the Mixdeck Quad now sits in.  The folks at Numark are forward thinking with this controller as they have provided a a flat folding iPad stand.  The rapid development  of Apps for the iPad and added portability makes this a welcomed feature.  The only drawback for some might be the plastic buttons that have a cheaper feel on an otherwise sturdy controller.  Numark is the first to really step up into this new market and push forward with products that can be used with multiple formats.