August 31, 2012

Review: Stanton DJC.4 Controller

Stanton’s release of their 4-channel controller, the DJC.4 was unexpected, to say the least.  True to their style, these look more stylish and professional than other similar offerings on the market right now, and are as sturdy as they look.  For a more compact design, it features only 2 up-faders to control 4 decks and comes ready to use with VDJ LE (but can also be mapped to other software).  Stanton’s jog wheels are unique in their own sense and offer a different response/sensitivity than Vestax or Numark’s jogwheels.

Sturdy design in an affordable 4 Deck Controller.

The DJ world is full of up and coming DJ’s who are looking for that sweet price point for their 4 deck controller upgrade.  The question that is in most users mind has got to be the software integration:  Why is there not a Pro Version Software  included?  One simple answer would be that to reach that $350 price point sacrifices have to made somewhere and for this controller software seems to be that place.  Those DJ’s who feel more comfortable working with various software mappings can spend the time to set up the DJC.4 with Traktor.

Four Deck Controller for $350. Not bad Stanton.