August 30, 2012

DJ Name Drops In 2012: Cheese Or Choice?

DJ name drops are all too common these days; some are instantly recognizable while some are just downright annoying.  If dropped on a track without much thought they can be cheesy and even intrusive, but the art of name dropping has more to do with originality and setting.  Using your own custom drop on mixtapes and mashups can be acceptable if not overplayed.  Likewise, they can be used on individual tracks but you should take caution not to spam yourself to the audience. 

DJ’s now have more tools at their disposal than ever to create custom name drops.  You can find great sites online that will create a customized professional name drop a la, MMMMMMaaaybach Music, but if you are producing your own mixes chances are you can find a quick way to create and edit your own in digital audio workstations such as Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Logic, and more.

Once you create your DJ Name Drop you should use it with a tasteful touch.  The most effective time to let your audience know who you are is over the climax of a track or during a transition.  Let them know who is creating this awesome experience whether it be when your playing at a club or hosting a mixtape.  Your name drop is your calling card so make sure that it fits with the style of music you are producing.  Adding effects like reverb or slight delay can also give you that unique advantage, just be sure to use with restraint and your audience will thank you.

Hit your name drop at the climax of your mix.



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