December 22, 2010

SKB iSeries GoPro Travel Case

The GoPro Camera, if you didn’t know already, is a mini camera that captures Hiqh-Definition photos and videos designed for folks who partake in what I call “Extreme” activities.  Yeah, we are a Pro Audio company, but needless to say, there are several of these “Extreme” people at UniqueSquared whether it be snowboarders, wakeboarders, skydivers, etc.  One of the benefits of having a GoPro and its accessories is that you can essentially capture any and EVERY activity you are into no matter how high speed or high adrenaline it is. Even though the camera is awesome in it’s own light, there is still a problem… There isn’t an accessory to keep all of these items safe and secure from your rock and roll lifestyle.  So we solved the problem for you.  We contacted our friends at SKB, who have designed custom cases for UniqueSquared in the past, and asked them for their help on a custom GoPro HD Hero case.

And voila, you can see the shots below.  What did we do first with our new cases?  Watch the video above or see the highlights below:


Inside the Case

The result: A waterproof, hard case that can take a beating and still protect your investment. One of the best features of the SKB Case for the GoPro is that it has a specific section for everything, even the manual!


Scott, skeptical I will keep the Camera safe

In the latest Unique Squared product review I find out the hard way how durable the SKB Case is for GoPro HD Cameras. There are a couple things I wanted to prove while making this video. I needed to test it’s durability, waterproofing, and then see how far I could challenge the case. To make a long story short, I threw the case into a swimming pool from the 4th story and drove over it with 3 Ton Truck! If you need proof, check out the pictures below…


Is that a tire? What is it driving over?


Is that the SKB Case!


Almost forgot about the back wheel…



In the end, I didn’t make the NBA and wasn’t able to back my challenge to LBJ, but I did learn that the SKB case can pretty much handle anything. I had a lot of fun making this video and hopefully you enjoy it too. Let me know what other challenges we can put the SKB Case to in our comments section. Thanks for stopping by!


Hi this is scott magno dj madflip here with and today SKB has provided us with these truly awesome custom cases specifically for your go pro HD camera. Now if you’re considering buying an HD camera or you already have one, then we highly recommend this case right here. As you can see everything fits in here perfectly, this case is small it’s rugged it’s really, really, durable, it’s actually weather resistant and waterproof, and those of you who are our GoPro HD users out there, you probably do a lot of extreme sports, rock climbing, surfing, swimming with sharks, fighting dragons.
Scott Just read the Script.
OK Take four, and action Scott.
And as you can see everything fits perfectly in the case right here.
Scott hey  I need to borrow your camera dude we are totally in the middle of a take right now.
It will take like, three minutes max.
Umm guys, is it ok if Ariff uses the camera  for two or three minutes max?
Ok people, take five.
Thanks man I’ll be right back with it.
No no no, please take the case. I know how you are man, and no offense I trust the case more than I trust you, so please take the case and please hurry back.
Scott it’s not like I’m going to drive over it with my car, or go scuba diving with it, but I’ll keep it in the case.
Can anyone please bring me a coffee.
Can someone get Scott a coffee!?!?
Scott was right.
Hey Ariff, it’s Scott. I hope everything is cool, just keep the camera in the case and umm, I trust you so… ok see ya bye.
Is this thing on?
Umm Frodo this is Gandalf please turn around don’t go to Mordor and bring back my GoPro camera within the case my precious. Alright bye.
What’s up america it’s your boy Ariff, I’m about to dunk. You better watch out in Miami I’m coming for you.
Oh hey Ariff, where are you, are you on your way?
Magno, yes I have the GoPro it’s in the case.
You still have the case? Keep it in the case.
Yes I’m late and I can’t really talk right now.
I know you’re late, I know you’re late.
I’ve got to go seriously, I’m late.
Wait, wait. At least it’s in the case.
Ariff, this is Scott I swear if you’re not here in five minutes.
Hey Scott, I’ve got your camera.
Bro thanks, looking good, everything, yeah it looks great man.
Everything is in there, it’s all good.
Dude I’m sorry I ever doubted you.
Apology accepted.
Awesome so let’s do this. Shall we do it? Really dude?
Oh, sorry I got a text.
GoPro case take 204.


  1. Shawn B says:

    Going to have revised version for the new extended BacPack GoPro cases?