September 12, 2012

Use Your iPad With Any DJ Controller

iOS on the iPad is quickly becoming the largest platform for software/controller digital DJs.  The amount of research and development that goes into these iPad apps is simply astounding.  When the creation of the first digital vinyl system eliminated the need to lug crates of vinyl around, another sub-trend was born – the shift towards smaller, modular, and more portable equipment.

Even stubborn vinylists have begun to recognize the benefits of lightweight, versatile equipment.  DJ Player 4.0 for iOS was created to allow the iPad to be used as a DVS, which was then followed by the ability to map it to midi controllers.  Now, the developers of the next iteration of this software are looking to give it 100% compatibility with any controller on the market.

With its “midi learn” function, any piece of hardware can control this software.  There is, however, one bump in the road to overcome – the lack of power ports on the iPad.  There is currently no way to charge the iPad and use it simultaneously with this software.