September 1, 2012

digiZoid ZO2 Personal Subwoofer Preview

digiZoid’s ZO2 personal subwoofer should have probably been named something more suitable.  No, it is not a miniaturized 2 inch pocket subwoofer claiming to deliver professional sound.  It’s actually a portable digital signal processor amplifier that piggybacks between your audio source (iPod, mp3 player, etc.) and your headphones.  Aside from the misleading name, it’ a decent device that delivers what it promises; powered amplification of low frequency sounds for your enjoyment.

digiZoid ZO2

At a size that fit’s in the palm of your hand, it offers multiple audio settings for movies, music, and easy listening.  It also uses its own onboard lithium battery, which alleviates the need to pull extra power from your audio source.