September 4, 2012

Enferno Live at DJ Expo 2012 Part 3

Add some dynamics to your live performance with the Casio XW-G1.

The third installment of Enferno’s live remix set at DJ Expo shows off one of the coolest features on the Casio XW-G1: The ability to map sections of the keyboard to trigger different samples throughout the set. Electronic musicians sometimes get called out for being rather uninspiring when they play live, because while they may sound great, many performers can be boring to watch.  The Casio XW-G1 allows Enferno to get hands on while building up the dynamics of his remixes.   Watch in Part 3 as Enferno triggers  loops, snares, and two different synthesizer sounds without missing a beat.  If you are looking to add a great live performance tool to your arsenal you’ve got to check out the Casio XW-G1.

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