September 4, 2012

Klipsch Image ONE (II) On-Ear Headphones Preview

The second versions of Klipsch’s Image One Headphones are now available for audio listeners who expect no less than Klipsch quality audio.  Although they have spent little time in the headphone market, Klipsch’s long standing association with top-end speakers has given them an easier time convincing customers to try their headphones out.

Klipsch Image One (II) Headphones

The first version (Image One I) garnered no complaints from their users regarding sound quality.  However, consumers remarked that changes in form and design of these headphones would create a better product.  Slight adjustments were made to the ear pads themselves; making them more suitable for “on-ear” listening.  A single cabled was use in place of a left and right cable, and the cups now fold back for easier transport.