September 5, 2012

BPM Show 2012: Gemini’s DJ Freestyle Competition

The DMC competition is still the longest standing worldwide competition, where DJ’s come to challenge their opponent’s skills behind the wheels of steel.  Few people know the history of the DMC’s, or the fact that it began as a mixing competition, rather than a scratching or beatjuggling competition.  DMC has since changed its program, allowing the use of digital technology and other peripherals – but the 2 turntable format has still remained king.


Gemini’s DJ competition at the BPM Show 2012 offers a similar type of competition, but without being restricted to fundamental equipment.  An “anything goes” attitude is the theme of this event, and winners will be selected via an online public vote.  The winner of this of this competition will receive a brand new  CDMP-7000, the newest edition of the CDMP line.