September 5, 2012

10 Hidden Traktor Gems For Better DJing

Serato is usually touted for its “simplicity”.  Traktor on the other hand, well – you know the story.

The layout itself can be overwhelming for novice users who just want to throw on two tracks and mix.  Traktor, with its endless functionality, can sometimes make your head spin especially when DJ’s don’t understand what options they need and don’t need.  If you’ve ever had to choose one toothbrush to buy at the store out of 30 different options – you might know this feeling.

Traktor Scratch A6

Digitaldjtips.com has listed out hidden options available to you that aren’t quite apparent first.  Some of these options can save you from embarrassment, like loading the track onto the wrong deck in the middle of a mix.  Others will save you time and clear out your interface for easy navigation.