September 7, 2012

I’m A Pro DJ, But I’ve Never Felt The Need To Mix

“Program” DJing is a relatively new, but successful phenomenon in the working DJ arena.  It works something like this: The DJ loads a preset list of tunes they’d like to play next, and employ their DVS (usually Virtual DJ) to handle the typical 4 bar linear mix – leaving the DJ with little responsibility other than song selection and mix out effects.

Virtual DJ

Naturally, DJs of this form take heat from “mixing” DJs who put serious effort into the transitional phases of their set.  To the “program” DJ, song selection and crowd interaction are their main focus – often leaving the booth to have a drink with the crowd or to dance on the floor with them.

Does “programming” deride the art of DJing?  The polarization over this issue will not be going away any time soon.