September 12, 2012

Pioneer Launches CDJ2000 Nexus: Works With Your Tablet Or Smartphone, Adds Sync

The top-end CDJ-2000 produced by Pioneer has undergone an expected revision, now giving it wireless capability.  This seems like the next inevitable step, considering the other new Pioneer products, like the XDJ-AERO, which already boasts wireless connectivity to Pioneer’s Rekordbox software.  This will allow playlists and tracks to be altered on your mobile/tablet device and synced wirelessly with your hardware.

CDJ-2000 Nexus

The only drawback here is that the connectivity requires the use of a wireless router, as it does not connect directly to the CD-2000 Nexus.  However, the hardware has undergone a few new interface changes which add editable color grids, an analysis indicator light, and phase meter to let you know if a song’s tempo is drifting.