September 13, 2012

Creating DJ Hardware With Kickstarter: The Right Move For KMI’s QuNeo?

Kickstarter, the crowd-funded startup website has done for innovators and engineers, what viral videos have done for unknown talented (or untalented) celebrities at home.  In a nutshell, it allows small time thinkers to fund their creative ideas and bring them to market.

For the controllerists out there, who are already busy tinkering away and hacking up old midi devices, it’s been a godsend.  QuNeo was one of the most well known start-ups; it was a device that promised the touch-screen functionality of an iPad, but dedicated to midi control.  When they had surpassed their goal of $15,000 start up funds by more than 10 times that amount, they were pleasant surprised.

Unfortunately, the creator still suffered from the pitfalls of any manufacturing industry – bad components, and they still have yet to ship out a single device.  This just goes to show that small time developers can make it or break it in the virtual world.