September 14, 2012

Beginner vs Pro gear – the ever-narrowing gap

With more and more gear being produced by DJ companies, the level of bottom end gear has been shifted upwards.  Even the most basic entry level DJ kits like the DDJ-WeGO, are exponentially more powerful than they used to be 10 year ago.  Before controllers and DVS boomed, “entry level” was a name given to cheap belt-driven turntables and mixers that felt like they would break with enough use (and many of them did).

Bells and whistles on DJ equipment are much more than that, these days.  In fact, sometimes whimsical add-ons are actually kept on-board and make it to the big boy versions once the dust settles.  But once again, no matter what equipment you use – a talented DJ will be able to make anything work in his favor.