September 21, 2012

10 Hidden Serato ITCH Tips & Tricks For Better DJing

Digitialdjtips.com was nice enough to share 10 hidden Traktor tips, which many DJs did not know exist.  Now they have posted another list to please the other half of the coin, Serato users.  Their 10 hidden Serato ITCH tips will save you time behind the screen, and hopefully free up your hands to take care of other, more necessary tasks at hand.

BPM’s can be set to half-time or double-time using the alt and cursor keys which is good if you are constantly switching between dubstep and drum and bass tempos.  The ctrl feature that is popular on windows machines has the same function in your Serato playlists – now you can edit multiple tracks at once.  Many more tips are given over at their tutorial page.