DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 15, 2011

Numark NS6 is Nammtastic!

Day one, hour one at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim saw us quickly scamper in to the Numark booth to savor the goods.  We were quickly drawn to the NS6 purely by it’s aesthetic beauty and radiant allure.  We have admittedly fell in lust with the range of 4 channel DJ controllers out there that dynamically combine the mixer with a logical and responsive turntable.  The NS-7 was the first product that successfully maintained the vinyl feel with a DVS (Serato Itch) that most closely emulated our familiar set-up of separate mixer and turntables.  It was still a heavy haul albeit scaled down to some degree.  Very few complained but Numark still listened.  The NS6 goes smaller in size but further in functionality.  We can now control 4 decks in Serato Itch with less real estate.  We can go into greater detail but we won’t until we have our very own to explore.  Check out our first look video and witness the strength.



Scott: What’s up this is Scott Magno DJ Madflip with we’re here at winter NAMM in Anaheim 2011, we’re real excited. We’ve got Felix from Numark here, we’re going to check out some of the new products.
Felix: I’m going to give you an introduction are you familiar with something called the NS7?
Scott: Yes a brilliant product, it’s doing really well for us.
Felix: Do you wish you could take the NS7 in your backpack on your bicycle to your gig?
Scott: Absolutely. Streamlining down is one of the new trends in the DJ market and the NS6 is going to give us that opportunity to take it to the next level with Numark.
Felix: Here it is. Not only smaller and more portable, but still heavy duty casing you can pick it up and feel it, you can throw it at somebody and do some damage. You have a four channel mixer that controls four channels in Itch, so the new version of itch is going to come with four tracks so you can switch each one of them for one and two, but also by itself is a stand alone mixer, so you can plug your CD players, turntables, anything, and you can use it as a four channel mixer.
Scott: Right, so it’s like for backup in case itch goes down I can actually have it up and running I can have turntables, CD players, outside of being connected to your laptop.
Felix:  Absolutely, other addons we did of course, it comes with the effects built in so you have effects controllers for every channel and this should control the effects on itch. You go to the crossfader we have the same crossfader and the same mixer as the NS7 you have the CP pro but this is the CP pro slimline so this is going to be the same indestructible crossfader but it’s going to be thinner.
It fits in the case and it’s going to be easier to remove you just take two screws out, and it pops right out. And if you go over to the strip search here, we have a light that shows you where the song is so before you had to look at your computer but now you just look at your strip search and it has a light, an LED is going to keep showing you where it’s going.
Scott: Very cool, that’s a really great feature because if you’re under the gun you need to mix really quick, you can tell exactly where the track is going to you know, the outro or the intro’s or even the build or the breakdown, really unique feature, and it looks like you’ve got it coupled up to where the loops are going to happen as well.
Felix: Yup, absolutely, you have the same loop setup that you have on the NS7, you have manual and you can double up on the loops half them down to where you keep halving and halving or doubling the loop, you can play with all of that, you have the reverse, of course your keylog. So the basic features that you saw on the NS7 plus more.
Scott: Super cool, super cool. So, the NS6 super awesome, I think my favorite feature is going to be the strip search for obvious reasons. I’d like to thank Felix for the NS6, we’ll probably go into more detail later thanks so much to Felix, be you, be unique, at


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