September 26, 2012

How To DJ Warm Up Sets (And When To Break The Rules)

dj warm up set

DJs who share the decks throughout the night have either a spoken or unspoken etiquette that they typically follow.  Aside from raising and lowering the energy of a crowd in waves, music selection must also be carefully watched.  A novice DJ might make the mistake of playing out the popular club bangers at the beginning of a set, leaving the next DJ songless – but sometimes this is necessary and downright useful if the situation calls for it.

Guest DJs who aren’t familiar with the other DJ’s may be unsure of your style of building up energy, and they may spoil it altogether.  Also, unknown DJs can present a risk to the next DJ, given their style as well.  It may ultimately be crucial to end your set on a high note – and save yourself from the next guy’s destruction.