DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 17, 2011

Vestax Pad-One and VFX-1 at NAMM 2011

I remember always wanting a Vestax mixer when I was learning how to scratch.  Their gear always looked and sounded great, and a DJ scratching with an 07 Pro looked like Obi-Wan wielding a light saber.  Their name has always been synonymous with high-quality, rugged, superbly crafted DJ/Turntablist products.  We met with Joe Jack Giacopelli from AM&S who showed us two of their sweet new products from Winter NAMM 2011.

First Video Transcript:

Scott: What is going on? This is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip, once again here with at the Winter Namm show in Anaheim. We’re with Vestax today talking about the Vestax Pad One USB pad controller. Joe Jack from Vestax is going to hook us up. Tell us why this is soo cool, man?
Joe Jack: This year Vestax is releasing the brand new, the Pad One. It’s a touch pad controller, it has an XY pad, it’s got four different banks of different sample pads. One of the unique features of this pad is that you can control the MIDI mapping and the MIDI channel on the actual controller, you don’t have to do it on the software like some of the other controllers.
There are similar controllers out there like this, but, we were told that they were looking for something a bit more high quality. This is all aluminium, not plastic, it’s all metal, it’s got some weight to it, it’s about 2 lbs if not 3 lbs.
It is currently set up with the Vestax Typhoon and this is Virtual DJ. So when I push a button here it’s triggering a sample in Virtual DJ. Really nice, soft buttons, they’re not going to wear out. The other thing is, we have a hold feature, so I don’t have to hold it, it will hold it by itself.
This will be shipping later spring, probably around March or April. Price has not been determined yet but as soon as this happens, we will let you guys know. This is going to be a good piece, thanks guys.
Scott: Joe Jack breaking it down for Vestax Pad One USB pad controller pretty awesome. You know, Vestax always has the reputation of really, quality products, really sturdy, definitely a favorite in the DJ market. Thanks to Joe Jack of Vestax, stick around we’ve got more to show you at be you, be unique.

Second Video Transcript:

Scott: Alright, Scott Magno DJ MadFlip back again. We’re still at Vestax hanging out with Joe Jack, he’s going to have some interesting news to tell us about the VFX-1 and its compatibility with… lets talk about it.
Joe Jack: Well, like he said, we have some really big news about the VFX-1 and Serato. Vestax has been a partner with Serato with Itch. We have just found out that Serato has released the newest version of Scratch Live 2.2 I believe, and one of the cool new features about 2.2 is that the VFX-1 is now a native controller for the effects with Serato Scratch live.
So, what that means is that you buy a Vestax VFX-1, you connect it to Scratch Live, as soon as you connect it to Scratch Live the effects within Scratch Live pop up and then all of the features found within VFX-1 work without any MIDI mapping, no programming, everything.
This is pretty huge news. A lot of guys have been looking for a dedicated controller for Scratch Live, and we’re very happy that the VFX-1 can be that controller. Like I said, it just got released 2 days ago, so it’s officially available on Serato, you can download the latest version of Scratch Live 2.2 pick up a VFX-1 and you’ll be rockin with effects.
Scott: Joe Jack thanks again man dropping science here at Vestax big news Serato Scratch Live 2.2 came out, plug and play, spin and win. Ok we’ll be coming at you with some more exciting stuff at Winter NAMM 2011, be you, be unique, at