DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 17, 2011

Stanton SC System 1 at Winter NAMM 2011

Stanton first debuted the SC System 1 in 2008 and it was met with much resistance in the DJ universe.  At the time there just wasn’t a useful solution for a controller system to fully replace a standard set up.  Now in 2011 controllers are the hot item so we re-visited the new and vastly improved Stanton SC System 1 with our great friend B-Side at the Stanton Magnetics booth.  OM f-ing G y’all.  Seriously.

First Video Transcript:

Scott: What is going on? Scott Magno DJ MadFlip here with I am with B-side of Stanton Magnetics, and today we’re going to talk about the SC System, that’s going to be the SCS.1D and the SCS.1M, and we’re going to talk about why it’s cool, and why you’re going to fall in love with it. What is up B-side? Long time no see man, tell us what’s hot, man.
B-Side: Well, we’ve got the SC system 1, we’re doing a relaunch with the SCS 1, just to let everybody know. We’ve got much tighter integration with Traktor Pro, and we also have a lot of hot new presets, I’ll show you a tidbit of some of the presets.
First, I’m going to show you the Traktor pro setup, then, I’m going to show you the Ableton setup and kind of explain to you what we’ve done with this new firmware update. We’ve got new firmware and we’ve revamped the hardware and we also have new drivers. So, just to let all DJ’s know, no matter what you’re platform is, you could be running on Mac or PC, you could be running windows 7, Vista, whatever, we’ve got you covered.
So, take a look here, this is the SCS1. I have the ability to go through multiple screens just using the controller itself. I’m sure you guys are pretty familiar with controllers, so I don’t need to explain too much of what a controller is, but, I will let you know how this controller is uniquely different.
You’ve got two separate decks to control all four. If I just wanted to control all four with one deck, I can, I just press and hold deck select and I’ve got A,B,C,and D down here at the bottom and the cool thing is it is a full motorized cast aluminium platter and real slip mat with a real piece of vinyl, so everything that a DJ is accustomed to, whether they’re used to using turntables, or a CD player, we’ve incorporated all of this into one unit.
So real quick, browse mode, vinyl mode, I’ve got a control mode as well. I can scroll really fast, I can browse, load songs, or I can just do vinyl mode and have scratching capabilities and there’s .001 drift on this unit, that’s really the big improvement we’ve made to the deck itself, ‘cause you can scratch and you won’t get any of the drift that you normally get with a controller, so now turntablists are really loving this, as well as your mix guys because I can go in do a quick loop, then I can take what was normally a pitch, I can do now and do a filter.
So, I have a 100mm filter I can switch back to pitch with the flip of a button, I can reset everything, all of these controls are already laid out for you and the preset that we’ve got for you. So, you’ve got all your effects, controls, all your mixing controls, and the ability to literally scratch with zero drift, so that’s the improvement we’ve made to the SCS1.
Make sure you check us out,, and in a second I’m going to show an SCS1 using ableton. but I want to hear what you think, and I’m going to be straight with you, we weren’t there about a year ago but we took our time, we worked with a lot of different software developers, and we feel now we’re up to 100% with what this product is really capable of.
Scott: Absolutely just, really, how it translates to the meticulous thread bear movements that’s one awesome point also that it is true vinyl, you know, our vinyl enthusiasts out there really, kind of, desire that real feel but still streamlining which has been the trend in the DJ market. B-Side, thank you so much, my home boy we’re going to check out some other products from Stanton and with Ableton, we’re going to integrate the mixer with Ableton as well. As always be you, be unique at

Second Video Transcript:

Scott: What’s going on? This is Scott Magno DJ MadFlip here with I’m still chilling with B-Side at Stanton Magnetics, I’m going to show you the SCS1M and it’s integration with Ableton Live, you’re about to be nasty son, nasty. Alright, let’s do it.
B-Side: How’s it going man? Good to see you as always, I appreciate you sticking around for a little bit more flare here, I know you’re a busy man, but I think you’re going to like this as well, I’ve got the SCS1M, which is our all around controller which has a soundcard built in and this is the perfect solution for DJ’s who are producing music, and some of those guys who want to play out live as well as produce music.
I’m running an Ableton Live preset, the cool thing is in the background I’ve got a software called DaRouter, and in DaRouter I just load the Ableton preset, which, replicates the same Mackie HUI language.So, based on the HUI skeleton, I’m able to go in and now have everything that I normally control in Ableton Live.
I can now use the controller and get full feature capability of of launching clips, doing EQs, effects, the whole nine. So, I’m just going to show you real quick, I’ve got four audio checks here and I’ve got another, I don’t actually have anything loaded on but, if I wanted to access that, I just use the bank down or up and you see the actual screens will change, letting you know if it’s green or orange.
I’ve got four basic presets that will actually toggle through the send and return of the effects or the direct effects chain so for DJ’s who want to do live stuff and have the effects right on each channel you can or if you want to do studio style you can do send and return.
So, I’ve got four channels here, I’m gonna scroll down and actually launch the next clip that I want, and I have the ability to bring them out just how I want, and then, now I can go in and play with some of the effects and turn the effects off and on, now I can jump over to this track and turn the effects off and on there.
So, to have that ability, to have every thing that you would normally want to control all in one unit, and all I have to do is basically, switch the preset to get to the different scenes, I don’t physically have to go through, clicking the mouse through multiple layers, and click, click, click, to do two or three things, all those knobs are here and if I want to change them, I can change them on the fly.
Scott: Wonderful. So, complete integration in a setup tactile for a DJ producer in a live environment. That’s really what we want, we want to be faster in our performance we want to have access right at our fingertips, it’s just going to have immediate results whenever you’re applying effects, or bringing tracks in, you know man, this is a homerun.
B-Side, thank you so much, good seeing you again. You know what? Stanton Magnetics, they are bringing the heat once again, SC Systems, you saw it here, be you, be unique at


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