DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 19, 2011

Akai EIE (Electromusic Interface Expander) at Winter NAMM 2011

Akai Professional has a knack for putting out amazing products that have substance as well as a sense of style.  The MPC-2000 is an icon and it’s very image and/or outline represents Remix culture.  We discovered another eye catching Akai interface called the Akai EIE or Electromusic Interface Expander at the NAMM show in Anaheim.  It blends beautifully futuristic capabilities with 2 juicy analog VU meters that light up when you power on.  We think this is perfect for live remixers and DJ’s that need more from their interface.  Check out the vid for the details and I’ll shop for sunglasses to match.


Scott: Scott Magno DJ Madflip here with We’re back at Akai with Dan. We’re going to talk about this unique interface here the Electromusic Interface Expander (EIE) lets talk about that, look at this piece.
Dan: Ok. What you’ve got here this is the EIE. It’s a four in four out, 24 bit USB 2, audio interface. We also have a unique monitoring section.
The way this works is you can monitor your 1 and 2, you can monitor your 3 & 4, or you can monitor all together. Great for Ableton, great for DJing.
Also the coolest part about this interface, I’m going to flip it around, USB hub built right in. Always wondering where you can stick your dongles? Put them right here.
You go to a gig, you’ve got your controller with audio interface, you’ve got your dongle. Your Macbook Pro only has two USB ports.
Scott: Yeah and everyone uses a Macbook Pro.
Dan: Exactly, there you go right there, Problem solved. Also got MIDI, TRS Inputs balanced, it’s a great thing. Nice VU meters they light up when you turn it on, it’s a real cool thing.
Scott: I mean, look at this, this is multi purpose, we’ve got a lot of DJ’s remix artists out there that need a fantastic sexy looking solution still with the analog touch here, you know, for their live performances.
You know, I get asked all the time what can we use, we’re DJing we’ve got multiple channels, Electro Music Interface Expander. Thank you. Dan, another home run from AKAI.
Dan: Thank you very much.
Scott: Alright, there it is we’ve got a lot of really cool things to show you stick around. Be you, be unique at


  1. Bryan Bowman says:

    all your connections are belong to AKAI!