DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 19, 2011

Numark iDJ Live at Winter NAMM 2011

The iPad, as we said earlier, was the hot item at the show this year. There were so many fantastic controllers designed to integrate with it for many different uses. Numark had one of the coolest controllers in the iDJ Live.  We had loads of fun controlling Djay by algoriddim on the iPad. It truly is plug and play and it comes ready to rock with cables for  master and headphone out for monitoring the mix. We also had a first hand look at the Numark iDJ app for iPad as well.  Thanks to Felix at Numark again for showing us the goods. Check it!


Scott: Alright back again at the Numark booth with Felix. We’re going to take a look at another product here. You know what? Numark is just killing it right about now, so let’s take it to felix.
Felix: Guys, are you familiar with a product called the iPad?
Scott: Oh yes.
Felix: Yeah It’s taking over, everybody has one but me, I still need to get mine. Well, the next logical thing is, DJ’s are djing with computers, why not an iPad? And that’s what you can do now with the new iDJ live by Numark.
This is a really simple turntable set up you’ve got your two decks with two band EQ, you have your crossfader, you have your play, cue, and everything.
The set up is this guy right here, plugs into your iPad, it works with virtually any App in the market right now.
Right now we’re using it with DJay, by Algoriddim, which is probably the one that I find works the best for application because you have your two decks, you can do all the scratching and everything, crossfade from one side to the other, you can set your cues.
So out of the box, you’re going to have your iDJ Live with a nice stand for your iPad, so you can look at it while your DJing.  And of course it plugs into your iPad and it comes with a cable that plugs your signal into master and cue, so you can do your cueing and everything.
Somebody just asked me, “how do you do your cue?” You just play live, it’s everything.
Now let’s say you want a different approach to DJing and you want hands on the iPad, that’s why we have the iDJ App, really similar layout as mixmeister, but you have two channels now so you can play one track at a time and it does automatic beat matching for you.
Let’s say you’re DJing and the club is dying, you hit mix now and it’s going to switch to the next song right away, great for playing live with it or you’re in a plane, and you’re doing your next demo set to send somebody, and that’s going to be the iDJ App.
Scott: Awesome! so you can take your current iTunes library and just start mixing with this App?
Felix: Absolutely, you’re going to recognize your library and it’s going to give you automatically the BPM, and everything’s really similar to what mixmeister did and that was finding your BPM, organizing, and you just throw everything that goes channel one, channel two, one song after the other.
Scott: We’re going to have a lot of more cool things from Numark, stay with us


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