October 1, 2012

Over To You: How Can I DJ The Music I Love?

A reader over at DigitalDjtips asked the question, “How Can I DJ The Music I love?”.  This is one of those political questions that polarized the DJ community.  On one hand, a DJs job is the please the crowd – and that crowd is going to have their own taste in music.  On the other hand, having no interest in the music you’re required to play really hacks away at your love for the art.


Their suggestions basically amount to what we’ve all heard before:  Learn to mix well, and then incorporate your own musical tastes while showing your enthusiasm for the music.  I will say that this: It is easier said than done – and you’ll be lucky to find the right crowd that supports your divergence from the mainstream.  Injection your own personality into music that isn’t popular is an art form in itself.