October 1, 2012

Free custom timecode vinyl? Well kinda sorta…

While colored control-vinyl pressings are quite common for Traktor, colored Serato vinyls are almost a symbol of nobility.  For example, the genuine white SSL control vinyls were only released in a limited run and were never for sale; they were given to a select few visible DJs.  This means that pair of white control records could run up to $400 dollars a pair on the resale market.  Yikes.


Companies have been trying to press their own colored versions of Serato’s control vinyl for years, but have had to jump through the hoops in order to not violate Serato’s copyright laws.  A company known as Cloq Werks has produced their own colored presses, but takes donations instead of outright selling them to consumers.  It certainly raises a few questions as to the morality of this company.