DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 21, 2011

Steinberg CI Series at Winter NAMM 2011

Steinberg’s got the goods!  They always have, always will. The Steinberg CI Series interfaces boast great sounding inputs in a smart compact package. They each come bundled with Steinberg software that covers a broad range of applications. DJ/Producer/Remix types will be amazed at the capabilities these little beasts possess. We caught up with my friend of many years Lacy Privette at Steinberg and he showed us the range.


Scott: Hi, this is Scott Magno DJ Madflip here with We’re here still at Winter NAMM 2011. I’m here with one of my great old friends, Lacy from Steinberg and he is going to tell us about some of the awesome interfaces.
Lacy: How’re you doing, basically we have a line of USB interfaces for the computer, the CI series, the CI-1, the CI-2, and the CI-2+. Price points on the marked $99, $199, and $299, very simply laid out.
The CI-1 is basically an IO, you’ve got 2 in 2 out combo inputs, xlr 1/4in, you’ve got a stereo line out, and headphones, also Kensington locks for schools, or any place you want to lock it down so nobody can take it. Both these inputs are phantom powered all through USB, you’ve got a dedicated phone control, you’ve got a Hi-Z input and a mono selection on here.
What makes this even more unique is it ships with a new bundle, it ships with Wavelab LE and Sequel LE.
Sequel LE is a looping recording program, it comes with tons of loops and instruments, and it allows you to do full recording especially for this type of product, and Wavelab LE is a mastering program, and you actually not only can have mastering effects to make your final recording better, but it also burns your CD.
It will allow you to do MP3, it will let you do podcasting, all in the box for $99, very good product for us. At $199 we’ve got the CI-2 and this ships with Cubase AI, which does 48 tracks of audio and has a lot of VST instruments.
Basically the same inputs, but what sets it apart right here, is this footswitch input and you’ve also got control on here, so it’s actually not just an IO, but it’s a control interface. This is an AI knob for audio integration.
We actually have this setup so any where your mouse is hovering on your screen, a rotary encoded graphic, it will actually control that no set up at all, you just put your mouse on it move this and it sets it up.
If you push this in it will actually step you through things, so it’s got a couple of templates for recording, so let’s say you’re getting ready to record a bass, so you scroll through your bass sounds you push that and you select your bass sound, then you can select what channel you want, and you push it in just lots of really neat integration.
This is an action pad and it will actually sequence through 6 different settings, so if you want to toggle through settings you just have to push this button to toggle them,
but what makes this really neat, is you hook this foot switch up you can have your computer on one side of the room, and you can walk 10, 20ft to the other side of the room with your footswitch, and start the metronome, start play, start record, stop it, rewind it, all over, six different things, you can actually program it, that’s for $199.
For $299 we add transport controls onto this and it ships with a full version Cubase essentials 5, which will give you 64 tracks of audio and a lot more VST instruments and plugins, and it has the action pad. It’s a little bit smaller on here but you’ve got transport controls and the AI knob and your input, so that’s the line of CI products.
Scott: Really awesome product, Lacy thank you so much. Lacy from Steinberg holding it down, a lot of interesting products we’re coming back to you, NAMM 2011, be you, be unique, at