DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 21, 2011

DENON DN-MC6000 Overview

DJ Controller-Mania is in full swing and all the usual suspects are stepping up their game. Denon makes the playoffs with their DN-MC6000. It ships with Virtual DJ LE in North and South America and Native Instruments Traktor LE in Europe and Asia. The big scoop is that the DN-MC6000 is a fully functional stand alone 4 channel mixer outside of it’s controlling abilities. This is useful in a live environment if your software or laptop crashes and you need to switch to a back-up configuration of turntables or CD players. Most of us are ill prepared on the trapeze without a net so it’s nice to have the option on the MC6000. Denon has also provided balanced and unbalanced outs (XLR and RCA), a dedicated assignable booth output, 2 mic inputs with echo effects, and the ability to rack mount your mixer in a standard 19″ case of your choice. Virtual DJ LE allows for audio/video mixing and Karaoke functionality. This is perfect for mobile DJ’s as well as club and mix DJ’s. Turntablists would probably be more suited to the NI S4 which is it’s closest competitor. We expect a lot from Denon considering their research and development department is always on point and the Denon DN-MC6000 certainly maintains their reputation of producing a quality product.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Scott Magno, DJ Madflip here with, and today we’re talking about a cool new product from Denon, the DN-MC6000
Ok, so there are a lot of DJ controllers out there that are coming out, and that makes for a very competitive market.
Now, the Denon DN-MC6000 is going to come Traktor ready but in the states it’s going to come with Virtual DJ LE, really cool software, that allows for four deck simultaneous mixing, also able to mix video, I also have sample decks in there as well and I also have the ability to record.
Pretty cool. Now, this is going to come with a lot of the standard features that you would expect from all of the controllers out there.
I’m able to scroll through my decks here, my tracks, load them into the deck without having to touch my laptop here, It’s going to have effects banks the ability to loop and some cue points here, which makes your performance pretty dynamic.
Now, this is a steel chassis really firm sturdy mixer here. I think what I love the most about it is, you can actually rackmount this.
It has two microphone inputs,  XLR and 1/4 in, master output, and thank you Denon, a separate booth output, so I can send single channels to a booth or even the master here. It’s got a lot of features here that make me think this is probably best suited for the mobile DJ.
Alright, so streamlining your rig is quickly becoming the trend in the DJ market. Now, with the Denon DN-MC600 with all of it’s capabilities it is definitely heating up the competition.
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  2. hargrove says:

    This thing is jaw-dropping. I really liked the Numark NS7 and Pioneer DDJ-S1, but this Denon stopped me in my tracks. It looks so fun.

    Maybe I should’ve been a DJ.

  3. parish says:

    Sweet review

  4. jerry says:

    Denon has been making incredible stuff for years!

  5. Gbrown44 says:

    Competive prices and great speedt service. 4double approved….