October 2, 2012

OPINION: DJ gear hate – it has to stop

Technology and the amount of gear available to use might open the doors for more options and more creativity, but it also divides DJs as well.  Traditional DJs have a hard time letting go of their own definitions on what authentic DJing is, which in this case may be the classic two turntables and one mixer setup.

dj gear

The sight of a DJ rocking the floor with nothing more than his VCI-380 might anger turntable DJs, either out of jealously or insecurity.  A younger DJ might witness a DJ spinning classic vinyl at a club, and see him/her as nothing more than an ancient relic; a dying breed.

Will this divide between the two ever stop?  Probably not.  At some point, however, both sides need to see the bigger picture and understand that their purpose is to entertain, not to criticize.

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