October 3, 2012

Pioneer DDJ-SX Announced: First Controller For New Serato DJ Software

In order to kick start their newest software campaign, Serato DJ – Serato has made a deal with Pioneer, and Pioneers newest controller will be bundled with Serato DJ, instead of a Traktor variant.  Pioneer’s DDJ-SX is just plain sexy looking.  True to Pioneer’s style, the 4-channel controller uses vibrant looking jog wheels, with position indicators similar to those on a CDJ-2000.

pioneer ddj-sx

Each jog wheel has 8, yes count ‘em, 8 velocity sensitivity performance pads located underneath which are no doubt of the highest quality on any controller to be released so far, save the Traktor S4.  Features like slip mode, dual deck mode, and fader start have also been included – which makes perfect sense, as the mixer was built to function as a one-piece unit.  The entire device will also work as a standalone mixer if you’d like to DJ with external sources.