DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 27, 2011

Winter NAMM 2011 Mash-Up

We had to take off our shoes because Winter NAMM ROCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!  We would like to once again say THANK YOU to all of our beloved vendors who blessed us with their valuable time and allowed us to shoot vids of their amazing new products.  We approached this year’s show intending to capture the essence and excitement of the industry’s biggest trade show as well as to provide some excellent introductory info on some hot new products and trends in the DJ/Remix universe.  We battled through unrelenting jet-lag and outrageous crowds to bring you what we think is a healthy portion of gear to start your season.  Some of our very favorites are here, here, and here.  We weren’t able to post all of our footage but we compiled the best and most useful to our You Tube Channel and to our blog as well.  Check the list below for jumps to all of the gear we filmed.

Mackie Onyx Blackbird

Steinberg CI Series

QSC GX-7 Amplifier

Presonus Studio Live Remote

Numark iDJ Live

Akai EIE Interface

M-Audio Venom

Akai Synthstation 49



Pioneer DDJ-S1

Stanton SCS.1M

Stanton SCS.1D

Vestax VFX-1

Vestax Pad-One

Alesis Studio Dock

Numark NS6

Avid Venom

Taiho gets aggro on the Venom

Numark NS7

You’ve had a good year NS7!

Akai Synthstation 49

Akai Synthstation 49 with iPad. Yes, please!

alesis dm7

Alesis DM-7 received much play at the show. So did Taylor.

Pioneer DDJ-S1

Pioneer brings the controller heat with the DDJ-S1. Finally.

NI Machine winner

NI Maschine winner Justin Blau entered on the website and friended us on facebook. Dreams can come true!

Thanks to Richard, Paul, and James (Furious-J) for bringing us out to California during Atlanta’s worst snow storm and an especially big THANKS to the entire Unique Squared staff who buckled downed in ATL during Snowpocalypse 2011 who maintained the show and kept the goods safe until we were able to ship again.  We will be on the road again soon at some amazing events and we hope you all have a tremendous year.  Cheers!


Check it, Check it out, Scott Magno DJ Madflip here with here in Anaheim for Winter NAMM 2011.
We’re going to show you a bunch of really hot stuff. New items, eagerly awaited pieces.
Let’s do this!
Scott Magno, DJ Madflip. Scott Magno, DJ Madflip. Scott Magno, DJ Madflip, at the Winter NAMM show here in Anaheim. We’re here again at Winter NAMM show. Be U. Be Unique. Be U. Be Unique. Be U be Unique, at Holla!
We’re going to keep you in there like Swimwear. It’s faster, more Efficient, it might even make you better looking. Plug and Play Spin and Win. Dreams can come true.


  1. Bryan Bowman says:

    the best supplier on the internet! no idea you guys had a blog until today! I will totally be back soon!

    1. jimmy says:

      Thanks Bryan!

  2. 4 words: THANK YOU UNIQUE SQUARED. Life keeps going thanks to you guys. Your passion and desire to the music industry opens the doors for everyone and discovers the brightest musicians ever created. Without your existence, this world would be mute and worthless. Thanks for keeping planet Earth spinning, literally.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Michal!

  3. reasonusual says:

    Great report of the event!! I’ve also enjoyed your guides and reviews.

    Your web is a clear example of how a webshop should be. Here you can find info about the products you can buy with no wasting time looking at other sites (think of the confusion that may cause to read much info when you ignore what you are looking for…).

    Many sites should learn from your way of working.

    Continue this way!!

  4. hargrove says:

    The Presonus Studio Live Remote and iPad is an intoxicating combination. Up to 10 iPads connected at once? That’s insane.

    The more I read and hear of the M-Audio Venom, the more blown away I am. It’s a fabulous synth.

    Numark’s NS7 and Pioneer’s DDJ-S1 are both amazing. I’m not even a DJ and I want one. They look fantastically fun.

    The Alesis Studio Dock looks very promising. I’m glad to see the music industry finding new ways to use the iPad. Their willingness to embrace new technologies and find ways to expand and grow using them is a breath of fresh air.

    This is shaping up to be an exciting year.

    (One of my browser plugins caused this to be posted in an unrelated thread, so I’m reposting it here. Sorry about that. I promise to be better behaved in the future.)

  5. Justin C. says:

    You guys have treated me very good in the past when I placed an order, Keep up the GREAT work!
    If I ever win anything from, I will use it to create world peace!


  6. Ty Maier says:

    1st off, thanks Unique Squared for having sick deals. You guys have the lowest prices on pretty much anything you list. I’ve bought several items from you guys. I play in a band, lead worship at my church, and have a HUGE network of musicians. I encourage all of my musically inclined buddies to check out the deals you’ve got going on before making any big purchases.

    Your package deals usually make a no brainer purchase, if you’re in the market (e.g. throwing an amp in with a pair of speakers). And I know it’s not much but those quality whirlwind cables you guys sell for next-to-nothing are the BEST thing ever. I own at least 50-60 of those cables from you guys. Props for that.

    NAMN, cool products this year. Diggin’ the M-Audio Venom & the Akai Synthstation. Sick products, can’t wait to try them out. One thing I didn’t see you guys list but I thought was cool was ‘Stutter Edit’. iZotope did a phenomenal job on it. Definitely going to be a future purchase!!!

  7. Betty N says:

    Just discovered your blog, liking the content. Thanks!

  8. Dylan Chase says:

    I’ll be straightforward with you guys, first you have decent reviews on equipment and really know what a musician needs, whereas other companies sell to their customers without any knowledge of the products. Ive stopped buying from other music suppliers after being scammed, cheated, and ripped off numerous times. Ive only been buying from unique squared now because of your prices and superb customer support. You don’t really get that a lot anymore! But after my first purchase from unique squared (which was my mixer), I have been totally satisfied with my equipment to this day, and your shipping is super fast! I look forward to my future purchases with you guys, thanks so much! -Dylan

  9. CamerAyman says:

    Cool video editing and good music choice !!!

  10. Justin says:

    Thanks for putting me in the video! Can’t wait to upload all my newly constructed, Unique Square stickered equipment! Wish list purchases pending… hahaha

  11. JAH SOUND says:

    I Like your store for the prices

    Greetings From Colombia