October 11, 2012

Traktor Kontrol Z2: World Exclusive Walkthrough Video

With all the hype about Native Instruments‘ first true 2-channel stand alone mixer, the Z2, it isn’t fair to make assumptions without actually testing things about and seeing why it’s so special.  The one thing that catches my eye is that the Z2 was designed to be a much of a scratcher’s mixer as it is a controller.  The price point puts it well below the cost of a Rane 62, with many of the same features – like on board midi control buttons.

The Z2 uses Audio Innovate’s Innofader crossfaders, which can go toe to toe with Rane’s magnetic capacitance faders – something that has been missing on virtually every jog wheel controller out there.  The Z2 also features post-fader effects which is a small blessing for those who have been using DVS pre-fader effects with limited success.