October 3, 2010

Numark Mixtrack Review

This was our first video for our “Product Reviews” section of the website. This all started when we found out one of our guys who manages inventory brought in his super awesome-over-the-top camera. He told us “he takes pictures” for fun. Yeah right… so check out what we did that day in the video above.

What we liked about the Mixtrack was the it was super light weight and feature packed with Turntables and a Mixer in one controller. Pretty baller right?  We thought so. Also, it is surprisingly durable and well built for the price point. This video does a pretty good job explaining what you get with the Mixtrack in the transport section, pitch section, EQ kills section, and a nice effects section. All of these have nice backlit buttons so if you are buring the midnight oil or DJ’ing in a dark setting, this makes things easy on the eyes.

The best thing about the Mixtrack is how easy it is to pick up, learn, and use the same day you get it. This is because the controller is so well laid out, especially having the mixer section in the middle with the browse section right above so you don’t have to reach over to your laptop to select your tracks.

Did we mention it also comes with Traktor LE 8?  Yeah, this thing is killer.  What Numark says:

“The Numark Mixtrack is a powerhouse controller in a compact chassis for performing and producing with DJ software. The familiar layout works just like two decks and a mixer so whether you’re a seasoned professional or building your DJ skills, Mixtrack is easy to learn and handles advanced techniques. It’s portable so you can grab Mixtrack and your laptop and go to wherever the gig is.

Mixtrack connects to your Mac or PC as a class-compliant USB device so it requires no software drivers to work, and USB powers it so you won’t need an external supply.”

FYI, the guy in the video is Scott Magno a.k.a. DJ Madflip. He is part of our Pro Sales Team at Unique Squared, so don’t be surprised if you talk to him on the phone if you call us. Be looking out for him in other video reviews coming up.

Lastly, just a heads up, we have this hooked up in the video with the Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ Interface.

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Hi this is Scott Magno AKA DJ MadFlip, I’m here with to talk to you about an exciting new product called the Numark Mixtrack. I’ve got it sitting right here, I just pulled it out of the box, and as you can see it’s your turntables and your mixer all in one awesome controller. For this demo we actually have it set up with the Native Instruments Audio 2 Interface. It makes it really simple to get into your laptop or your computer and get up and running.
Alright so lets check it out starting with the platters right over here. As you can see it’s really really sturdy, I love the grip on it. The platters are going to serve as controlling the speed by using the outside, or scratching on top just like this. So really, really durable, and as you can see you can kind of press on them and they’ll probably just last forever here. Next we’ve got the transport section with your sync, cue, play and pause, and your stutter.
Next is your pitch section right here with your pitch set, which zeros out, the light comes on, and your pitch bend. Next is our EQ kill section, your tick for acapellas, your bass, mid, and treble kills. You also have your effects section right here, and then your loop for auto and manual, in, out, and then reloop. Alright next we move to the heart and soul of the controller which is the mixer or master gain section. Here you’re going to be able to control the levels of deck A and deck B. And this is a really handy feature, your master gain is located right in between them, right here, and of course your crossfader.
Alright next we move to the browse section right here which is my personal favorite. This allows you to scroll through your folders without having to touch your laptop. Scroll through, select, and then select each track into track A or track B. It makes it really, really easy and really, really quick. Alright we’re ready to go, ready to start DJ’ing and rock it. And we’re in.
So there it is in a nutshell, the Numark Mixtrack here at Awesome, affordable, DVS controller that comes with Traktor LE. And since it’s a MIDI device you can use it with any other DJ or DVS system. If you have any other questions about it please feel free to call me, Scott Magno AKA DJ MadFlip here at Be you, be unique, at Let’s get back in the mix.


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