October 16, 2012

Six 3D-Printed Musical Instruments, and What 3D Printing Could Do for Musicians

3D printing or the ability to create an object through additive construction (opposed to subtractive construction ie. casting/molding) is beginning to take hold of the musical instrument world, where small objects and replacement pieces tend to be very expensive.

Of course this doesn’t mean 3D printing is confined to mouthpieces and knobs; the “Odd” guitar proved this wrong when the entire body of a guitar was created from a 3D printing machine.  The same approach was taken when “The Economist” printed a Stradivarius violin, for what I would imagine to be at a fraction of the cost.  Probably the simplest to make, and easiest to understand, is the Zaggo whistle.  You can clearly see the cross sections of the whistle that were slapped together.