October 18, 2012

Pioneer HDJ-2000s & HDJ-1500s Now In White

What is it about “white” colored DJ equipment that compels people to go out of their way to find it?  If you go back to the beginning of the first pieces of consumer DJ gear, everything was a flat grey or black.  Rane’s first mixers were sort of an ugly grey, as were Technics’ first version of their mixers and the 1200 series turntables.  It wasn’t until about 20 years ago when flat or gloss black became the “classy” color to have.  Rane’s TTM-57 and Pioneer’s DJM-850 now both sport the traditional black coverage, which seems to be the preferred default color for any new buyer.


The popularity of white has only become an exclusive shade in the last decade.  You may think it’s unfair to blame it on Apple products or the Toyota Prius, but something about the color white spells elitism.  Serato’s limited pressing of white control vinyls (which were never on sale and only given out for promotional use) only cemented this idea, and you’ll find them on ebay for upwards of $600.

HDJ-1500's in White

Pioneer has taken this idea and marketed it brilliantly, after all – there’s a market for white DJ equipment now.  Their top of the line HDJ-2000’s and HDJ-1500‘s will soon be available in matte white, and I’m sure these will be popular and hard to keep in stock.