October 19, 2012

Serato DJ Revealed: New Interface Screenshots

There’s perhaps too much hype out there surrounding the new Serato DJ controller software, geared to replace Serato ITCH; which was Serato’s standard watered-down application for purely controller based usage.  In an effort to promote their new controller software, Serato teamed up with Pioneer on their newest control the DDJ-SX, which will also replace the DDJ-S1 using ITCH.  There is no doubt that other controller companies will jump on the Serato DJ bandwagon, offering a viable alternative for those that want to avoid Traktor.

Serato DJ screen shot

Will this move work?  It’s hard to say.  The most recent leaked screenshots of Serato DJ look more like a Traktor layout than the simple Serato Scratch Live layout that many DJs are used to.  While the signature rotating deck circles have been kept alive, parts of the UI have been changed; like the cue point arrangement, a new FX grid placed below the waveforms, and a panel for FX deck assignment.

Serato DJ FX controls

One aspect that seems to be disappointing is the seemingly 2 dimensional designs of the buttons and “knobs”.  With the layout looking a bit more cluttered than usual, it seems like little effort has gone into designing the interface, compared to coding it.  One could guess that the interface lacks a punch in order to keep system requirements at a minimum.



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