October 20, 2012

GYM Electro Groove Generator Creates Workout Music On The Fly

There is some truth to the idea that music enhances certain activities.  You might put on some classical or jazz music when sitting down to conquer some complex math problems, some smooth jazz might make it easier to read to shop for groceries.  Of course, nothing takes your mind away from the pain you experience working out, than some up-tempo workout music.  Head to any gym and you’ll see an avid runner on the treadmill with headphones on, jamming to his own rhythm.

Creating a workout playlist is essential, as you’ll need song that float around a dance tempo of 120-130 bpm.  Some of us might not have the time in our busy schedules, to sift through our music to find hidden gems.  This was the driving force behind the Gym Electro Groove Generator app for iOS.  It’s basically a on the fly music creation app that uses algorithms to produce dance music while you workout.  It comes with its own tap BPM button to control your tempo as you see fit. Video footage of the app actually looks quite decent; although I’m sure many will not take a liking to it.

The music itself seems to be very computer driven, and really lacks the heart and soul that dance music requires to be memorable.  At $2, it won’t be a huge loss if it’s not to your liking.